How to Make a Lego Table

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16 thoughts on “How to Make a Lego Table

  1. Currently in the process of making a lego table. It is 3 ft by 8 ft. I was wondering what to glue plates on with???? thought gorilla glue would expand too much and velcro would make the surface changable but uneven. Is the liquid nails holding still? I want to put heavy eye screws in the corners and hoist up and away when not in play! Pulley and rope and away we go. That way the little burger can’t destroy MY work. lol.

    • It’s been almost a year since I made it (10 months), and the liquid nails is still holding beautifully! And my son still plays with it daily, for 2 or more hours each day, so it’s getting heavy use.

    • They are able to sit at the sides if the bin is under there. Most of the time when they are actually playing with it, my son takes the bin out and sets it on the floor under the table, then he slides it back in when we put it away. He says it’s easier to dig around when he’s looking for a specific piece.

  2. Having a hard time with the drawer. Can you explain how the bin slides into the tracks you made. I can’t figure out how to do the measurements for the tracks. Thanks

    • I had a bin that fit perfectly between the two support beams on the table. The bin had a little lip on the sides. So I just needed to attach two small pieces of wood to hook under the lip of the bin.

  3. Found your tutorial doing a google search. I am making one of these for my grandson for Christmas, and my big question was what kind of adhesive. Thanks for updating the tutorial to let us know it is still holding strong with the Liquid Nails after three years!

  4. I also found your blog because I was looking for the best kind of adhesive to use for our Lego table…thanks so much! I was going to splurge on Gorilla Glue but it looks like the Liquid Nails will work just as well! Thanks!

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